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Town Planning Services

Norris, Clarke & O’Brien planners can provide clients - including private clients and government departments - with specialist planning services. In particular the firm specialises in the preparation of development applications, due diligence assessment reports and development potential advice under a wide range of South-East Queensland Local Authority Planning Schemes.

Expertise of the consultancy covers urban and residential land development together with commercial and industrial land development, or any combination of land uses when undertaken as mixed use development.

Whether you are building, extending or demolishing a house, subdividing land, building multi-unit dwellings, commercial or industrial buildings, or undertaking a large-scale development, Norris Clarke and O’Brien can provide the advice and skills to obtain the highest and best use of land.

To access the Curriculum Vitae of our staff to see the wealth of experience in Norris Clarke & O’Brien planning, please click the following links.  Key staff includes Nick Holt (Manager),  Brie Foster and Rebekah Foster.

Development Consulting

Developing the best outcome for a development site requires balancing a variety of sometimes conflicting interests. Norris Clarke & O’Brien Certified Practising Planners have the experience necessary to professionally advise on issues of demographics, built form options, land-use analysis and development option formulation. Our team of planners will ensure that the development outcome achieved for the site is the best available.

Development Applications

Norris Clarke & O’Brien planners have had extensive experience in both the Local Government Development Assessment and private consultancy sides of Development Assessment. This knowledge and experience allows for the Development Application process to be handled from the conceptual stage, through the preparation, lodgement, negotiation, and eventual approval of the submitted Development Application. This experience allows us to assist our clients in the delivery of planning advice and development outcomes across a broad range of projects types, from the simple small scale project, to the in-depth masterplanned outcome, within any Queensland Local Authority area or scheme.

Risksmart Approvals

Norris Clarke & O’Brien has achieved accreditation within the Risksmart Process. For straight forward Code Assessment applications we prepare both the application and Development Conditions simultaneously, consult with the local Councillor and lodge the application. Council commits to a 5 day turnaround for these applications. Please contact us to discuss whether your next Development Application fits into this category.

Due Diligence Assessments

Prior to purchase, or to a Contract of Sale going “unconditional” an assessment of Council's Planning Scheme and other relevant Legislation can be undertaken to ensure the subject site is appropriate for the proposed use. Such an assessment is also useful in determining “up front” issues affecting the development potential of a site, and can save delays and additional expense later in the process. Due Diligence Assessments can be tailored to the needs of the clients to respond to specific queries, or can be a broad spectrum report on the site in general.

Master Planning

Norris Clarke & O’Brien planners have had experience in the formulation and urban design of major landholdings to create unique design outcomes within the identified constraints of a site. Coupled with a practical surveying based design ethos, plans prepared are both functional and financially viable to produce on the ground. This allows for economic outcomes to be achieved within practical, but attractive designs.

Planning Legislation Interpretation

Norris Clarke & O’Brien planners remain informed of changes to the planning, environmental and resource management legislation through a program of Continuing Professional Development. This enables us to provide clients with accurate and up to date advice on the ever increasing complexity of planning and environmental controls.


Land owners impacted upon by resumptions of land for infrastructure provision are entitled to compensation. Norris Clarke & O’Brien planners have experience in the preparation of reports to establish the development potential, and therefore inherent land value of a site proposed for resumption. These reports are then used to justify claims of higher compensation when negotiations are undertaken.