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Surveying Services

Norris, Clarke & O'Brien surveyors and drafters can provide clients - including private clients and government departments - with specialist surveying and computer drafting services. In particular the firm specialises in the preparation of all cadastral based surveying including subdivision layout design, detail survey plans, Building and Standard Format Plans, volumetric subdivisions, lease plans and identification survey plans.

The following provides an outline of the range of services offered:

Subdivision Design – Subdivision Proposal Plans

Norris Clarke & O'Brien surveyors and drafters have had extensive experience in subdivision design ranging from the simple one into two lot “block splits” to large scale masterplanned communities. With extensive experience in the formulation and urban design of major landholdings coupled with a practical surveying based design ethos, plans prepared are both functional and financially viable to produce on the ground. This allows for economic outcomes to be achieved within practical, but attractive designs. Whether you require a proposal plan to accompany a Development Application, or an investigation into possible yield for Due Diligence purposes, Norris Clarke & O'Brien surveyors and drafters can provide the expertise and advice required for any scale of project.

Detail and Contour Surveys

Norris Clarke & O'Brien surveyors can carry out Detail surveys of sites to obtain all relevant site information such as spot levels for contouring, location of buildings / structures / vegetation or natural features such as watercourses to aid in constraint sieve mapping and provide a base for the design of new buildings or infrastructure. Whether you require a Detail survey for a small inner City lot, or a large broad acre site, Norris Clarke & O'Brien surveyors have the expertise and experience to prepare an appropriately detailed plan.

Natural Surface (Ground Level) Surveys

The survey and drafting department of Norris Clarke & O'Brien can prepare natural surface interpretations based on “best evidence” to assist in determining compliance with maximum building heights under Brisbane City Plan 2000. Subsequent to this height certificates (to satisfy Development Approval Conditions) can be provided as required.

Building and Construction Setout

Norris Clarke & O'Brien can assist in the construction phase of a development project through marking grids, corners or offsets for earthworks or building construction purposes. Dependant upon requirements this setout can range from the simple marking of corners, to the marking of all walls for each level of a multi storey building.

Building Format Plans (BFP)

The drafting department of Norris Clarke & O'Brien are highly experienced in the preparation of Building Format Plans to accompany a Community Management Statement for the titling of multi-unit dwellings. Norris Clarke & O'Brien has the expertise to prepare Building Format Plans for small scale multiple dwelling developments to large scale high rise residential towers.

Identification Survey / Identification Investigations

Norris Clarke & O'Brien surveyors can carry out Identification surveys of sites to accurately determine site boundaries, placing pegs in the corners of the site to identify the location of the boundaries “on the ground”. Identification investigations can also be carried out to determine property boundaries and encroachments of structures from adjoining properties onto the subject land for Due Diligence considerations.

Leases – Building / Land

Norris Clarke & O'Brien surveyors and drafters have had extensive experience in the measuring and drafting of lease plans both internal to a building (tenancy) and for external license area agreements and land lease purposes.

Volumetric Subdivision Plans

The drafting department of Norris Clarke & O'Brien can prepare complete Volumetric Subdivision plans to fulfill your requirements whether they are for the purposes of a volumetric subdivision, a volumetric easement, volumetric lease or the volumetric opening of road.

Easements, As-constructed Plans, Disclosure Plans

In addition to the above core surveying services offered, Norris Clarke & O'Brien can also assist with the preparation of as-constructed surveying of infrastructure, the preparation of disclosure plans for pre-sales, and the preparation of easement plans to accompany an easement document.