Digital Consent for Survey Plans for Land Titles introduce by the Department of Resources

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Spurred by the impacts of Covid-19, and as part of a move to the full digital transmission of documents, the Department of Resources announced changes to Survey Plans’ consent and approval by owner’s and planning bodies in Queensland.  Implemented from 27 April 2020, it is no longer a requirement for a Survey Plan to be signed by the registered owner using a “wet” or original signature. Initially, an owner would need to sign the Survey Plan on the original copy, causing delays as plans were couriered and increasing the risk of original plans being damaged.  With the release of the Form 18a – Registered Owners/Lessees Consent to Survey Plan, a registered owner can now sign a form transmitted over email and then return a scanned copy immediately back to our office to proceed with Plan Sealing through local Planning Bodies.

Similarly, a Survey Plan can now be digitally transmitted to Council for endorsement (Plan Sealing), with the Planning Body’s signing on a Form 18B – Planning Body Approval of Survey Plan, which can be digitally returned to proceed with plan registration at the Titles office immediately.

Norris Clarke & O’Brien were early adopters of this new process, providing immense benefit to our valued clients.  Lodging the first Plan Sealing applications with both Logan City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council using a Form 18a and Form 18b, we helped shape the process to speed up Plan Sealing.

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